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Anna Xenz is an illustrator, multidisciplinary designer, and Creative Art director.


Her professional activities include motion graphics, animation, illustrations, book covers, and branding. She uses symbolic, playful language and looks for narrative scenarios and aesthetics in things surrounding her and relating to everyday experience. She makes a point of finding ambiguous visual images that strike a nerve and encourage the onlookers to discover something new about themselves – with irony but without moralizing.


Commissions include Forbes, Gillette, Sony Music, Philosophie Magazine, Grazia Magazine, MAXIM Magazine, Message to Man International Film Festival, and AST Publishing.


Awards: World Illustration Awards, 50 Books | 50 Covers - Design Observer, iJUNGLE Illustration Awards, Logo Lounge World Best logos.


Exhibitions: Crypto and Digital Art Fair CADAF 2021, Gogol Center: Personal Exhibition.



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