Anna Xenz is an illustrator, graphic artist and designer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Her professional activities focus on book covers, advertising and editorial illustrations, graphic design and branding in cultural communications such as theater, music, movies. She uses a symbolic, playful language, and looks for narrative scenarios and aesthetics in things that surround her and relate to everyday experience. She makes a point of finding ambiguous visual images that strike a nerve and encourage the onlookers to discover something new and important about themselves – with irony but without moralizing.


She has worked for Forbes Russia, MAXIM, Gillette, Sony Music, Philosophie magazine, Message to Man International Film Festival, AST Publishing, Polyandria Print, Grazia Magazine. Furthermore Anna is the Art Director of the sensational literary-theatrical project of Russia 'UnprinTSYpled Readings', founded by popular writer Alexander Tsypkin, where Russia’s best actors perform contemporary prose on stage. 


Assosiasion of Illustrators Member

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